Cooking Show!

So for this assignment 3 1/2 stars, I thought to create a cooking show, and feature Solenya’s favorite dish…..mashed potatoes!!!! I thought of this because My boyfriend Eric and I were going to make dinner, and I thought “What would Solenya want to eat tonight?” and then BAM! Mashed potatoes! Who doesn’t like mashed potatoes?! Solenya sure does!

I used my IPhone to take the video in my friend’s kitchen that we were hanging out in, and then I edited it on IMovie. To download the videos, I uploaded the videos to google drive then I downloaded them onto the apple computer in the HCC.

The title I put in as right on the start of us talking because I don’t like the random black screen saying what it is and then going to the video, so I made it how I liked. The ending credits are the scrolling credits I saw on IMovie. I didn’t add any audio to the video because its all us talking and I didn’t want to take away from our words. I did add an audio to the credits though. I downloaded the song “Watching Cartoons Up In My Room” off of

I then uploaded it to youtube:


This Week

Wow I finished before Friday at 11pm for the first time in I don’t even know! This week was alright once again. I really don’t like editing video clips, so that’s what I know about myself now. I stuttered in the audio over the Harry Potter video essay a bit, but I wasn’t going to edit that out cause I don’t care and it shows that I’m human and I’m not perfect. I did the 12 stars of assignments this week cause we were all too busy to do another group project. My first assignment was me creating a tutorial on how to open a door, the next video was the questions my friends asked me and I answered them, and the last assignment video I made was the responses to the apocalypse questions.

The daily creates I did this week are as follows:


Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban

This was kind of hard, I used final cut pro to make the whole collage of the video and me talking. For the video, I downloaded it from youtube using and that was probably the easiest part. I then watched the video a few times and went over the things I remembered in the other educational videos and wrote down everything I should talk about. I then watched the harry potter video with my headphones and created an audio on my phone while the scenes were passing. I put t all together, somehow got it saved into iTunes, then I posted it on youtube and put it on here because it was too big of a file to upload straight to this domain.


Apocalypse Questions

For this assignment for 4 stars, I answered 5 apocalypse questions. I uploaded the video on youtube through my phone and it was that easy. The hardest part was writing down the questions from the video that I needed to answer.


Friends with crazy questions

In this assignment for 5 stars, I texted my friends and told them to send me random questions for me to answer for this class, and below is the video of every single question they texted me back with. Some are very weird, while most are pretty normal.


How to Open a Door

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to get from point A to point B through those rectangles in the wall that open? Well today I’m here to teach you how to open those so called door contraptions. This assignment is 3 stars.


This Week

This week I did a few different assignments. The first I did was my dream room. The next one I did was my reddit story which just popped into my head. The last assignment I did was my then and now.  Then I did my tdc story, which was kinda dumb, but oh well. And finally I did my xray goggles thing. This week was a busy week for me with all this stuff, just like every other week.

Daily Create Story

LOL this story is gonna be not good hhahahaha

We’re toys! Kids love us and we just want to play! We look scary, but we promise that we’re just as loving as any other toy! Give us a chance please!

HAHAHA just kidding all we wanna do is scare you!

But really we can only do so much since it’s just a costume. We look scary, but our hearts are full of love!


Then and Now

For this assignment for 2 stars completing my 10 stars, I’ll be talking about my then and now assignments I’ve been doing in this class. When I first started this class, I really didn’t know anything about movie remixing or audio remixing or editing. I’ve definitely grown since the first week. I had a digital class my freshman year that worked a little bit with the same stuff I’m working with now, but I’ve definitely forgotten about it all in the last 3 years. I think my best project i’ve done so far is my Solenya in Limbo! haha not too crazy, but I really liked it because I really learned how to do the photoshop stuff.