The Grudge

For my assignment for 4 stars I created a reddit post about The Grudge’s child. This story idea honestly just came to me, I really didn’t think too hard. I started writing the beginning of the story with a different idea in mind, but this is how it turned out and I’m pretty happy about it because it was a better idea than my original.

The Grudge from horror

Nothing happens at the end, but maybe the story isn’t finished?

Dream room my dudes

For this assignment, I created my dream room. This was a total of 4 and a half stars.

In the first picture I like the black shag rug, and the last picture I like the layout of the room and the big window with all the natural lighting. Man, if I had this room I’d be hyyyyype!! That purple door knob is literally a dream and the mosaic stool and the mirror are dreams in their own.

Superhero radio show

So, I listened to my own group’s show and the show right after it that came on at about 9pm on Tuesday night. So far, its really good! I really wanted that superhero juice! I do really enjoy superheros so it was a good show to listen to for me. I enjoyed the batman talks, and the commenting of his upbringing and how he started to get so popular. Also The dark night is my favorite batman movie too mostly because of the joker though. Most/all the batman movies are really worth watching because of the joker. SPECIFICALLY Heath Ledger! If you don’t love him then get out!

I also really liked the steak spray add hahaha! I’ll definitely get the double pack if a zombie apocalypse happens!

There was part of the show where the music was way louder than the speaker, so that is a little critique, but that’s just a small fix. And there was another commercial it seemed like that the background sound was louder than the actual speaker.

I liked the ending of the segment of this one specifically too with the robot woman’s voice and then the static.

Overall great job everyone!

My week was just full of working

So this week wasn’t too bad because we didn’t have to do any assignments! HOLLA!! The radio show was fun to make, the bumper and the commercial! I used logic for everything again, and for my radio segment I used and used a song called B-Beat018 which I used as my starter. The daily creates I made are as follows,

My group was amazing, and I really appreciate the patience they had with me giving them my segment a few hours before they needed it.


So wow, definitely some work that’s put into this. I didn’t know how much little things were so important…commercials, bumpers, and so much to talk about! So my group is pretty much done with the radio show now. We all worked together and had it in before Thursday so it could all be put together in time for friday and sound as nice as possible. Twitter definitely doesn’t like sending me notifications on when my group is talking though, so I was a little behind on getting in my final radio segment. But everyone did really well and it all sounds really good so far. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Weekly stuff I done did

This week I did 11 and 1/2 stars of audio assignments because my first assignment was 4 stars, my radio bumper, my second post was 3 and 1/2 stars, of my commercial, and my third post only needed to be half a star, but there were no half stars. Going over wasn’t hard though. The McDonalds assignment for 2 stars was fun especially!

My poster I created for Super Storytellers, I thought was pretty cool. I think it looked sleek and unique and it also pertains to the theme perfectly with a dragon chillin on a book.

I also wrote a blog post on the progress of my group’s radio show. I just finished all my assignments needed for this week, so I’m all caught up with everyone!

OHH and also, do you guys remember those sounds I created for, they were all accepted!

The daily creates I did are as follows:


Poster! Poster! Read All About It!

I created a poster for my radio show with a dragon lying on a book. This relates to the theme of myth and legend because we are story tellers, and i’m pretty sure full blown fire breathing dragons are either a myth or a legend cause I haven’t seen one for myself yet. I created the poster by searching on google “dragons coming out of books” and I found this picture close to the top and then I put into adobe photoshop and put some text over it and arched the words “Super Storytellers”. I then saved it as a JPEG so wordpress could put it into my post.

McDonald’s Order

For this assignment, I ordered very well cooked chicken nuggets at McDonalds. I tried my hand at an English accent, it’s definitely not good, but it’s funny!! I used my phone to create the audio, and then I just downloaded it onto soundcloud. This assignment was 2 stars.


Nap Time

For this assignment, I created a commercial for the radio show my group is doing. I thought of what to advertise for probably a solid 5 minutes, and then I thought of what I really wanted right now…..which is a nap! Who wouldn’t want a nap!? And why not advertise it, because maybe if more people napped, there would be a higher chance of world peace. I created this commercial using ccmixer with the audio file “Throb_On Instrumental”. This was 3 and 1/2 stars, and I created it again with Logic. I layered audio recordings on top of each other and then bounced it onto soundcloud.


Super Storyteller’s Radio bumper

For this assignment, I created a radio bumper for my group’s radio show. It is a 4 star level, and I used logic to make it. I also used ccmixer to find the underlapping audio called “of Lightening and Fireflies” that you can hear. I then bounced it and uploaded it onto soundcloud.