What In The Hecks?

I chose to do the assignment of taking a picture of something easy and very recognizable (3 1/2 stars), but manipulating it so that people have no idea what it is. I believe I succeeded, but at the same time I think people might figure it out after looking at it for a minute. I’ve been looking at the visual assignments for a while, but having trouble picking things because I don’t have photoshop on my laptop, so if something doesn’t have to be distorted in photoshop then I’m down!

Now try and guess what this picture is!

Just Because You’re Not Good At It, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy It

What is my experience with photography? I like to take pictures, but I’m not good at it. I love looking at photography art, and I love to think that I could do the same. My photography background is snapchat and taking pictures of my family’s dog and pictures of the sky. I took a photography class in high school, but it never went farther than that. I used a film camera, and really enjoyed the process of the dark room, of making the image come alive slowly in front of my eyes. I used to want to work for the National Geographic and travel the world taking pictures. I would still love to do that, but I know my photography talent is not up to par with all the others who make photography their passion.

I have no technique while taking photos. I really just look at what I want to snap, try to make it not blurry, and take the picture! The only pictures I take I want to have meaning behind them. The pictures of my family and friends have laughter and love in all of them. The pictures of my dog has adoration behind each one. The pictures of the skies I take have beauty and longing to follow the clouds to their next destination. I believe that i’m successful at showing those emotions, bot I don’t know how other people see the pictures I take.

After reading all of the tips about taking better pictures, I recognize lots of them from my class, but the others all seem like common sense. I do always forget about the rule of thirds though. The contrast of the light and the depth are two things I could work more on.

Solenya’s Mystical Bag

I chose to do what’s in your bag¬†assignment. Solenya is definitely a character, and you’ll really find out what type of person he is from this collage of what’s in his bag. I used google docs to create my collage and then I used the snipping tool to take a screen shot of what I created in order so save it.

I liked the bag, and it seemed very hippie, a bit bummy, and free looking. The bag has no bottom, so when he needs to hide something big or another person they just hop in and disappear. Solenya always carries it around, and in it he always has these main items. He has mushrooms because he likes his psychedelics. He has adderall because there is never enough time in a day to do everything he wants to do, so when he needs it, he pops one of them in order to stay awake for his adventures. Tarot cards are always on hand as something he likes to do as a hobby of new people he meets. His wand of course, and a “Teaching Skills for Dummies” because he mentors his nephew Tade.

20 Minutes! Time’s Up!

This Photoblitz I completed all the pictures in under 20 minutes! I started at 19:14 and ended at 19:27. The close up photo I took of a quartz crystal my friend found a few days ago and gave me. The straight line was the edge of the refrigerator from the top. I took that photo because I thought that it would be different and that no one else would notice that it was the edge of a fridge! The picture of an object I took through another object was an earing and the quartz crystal through a glass coaster. I love mu burks, so that was an easy black and white picture for me hahahaha. The water I took a picture of was my neighbors front walkway after all the rain today.

I enjoyed this assignment, and thought it was an easy 20 minutes!




Still Stories

For this post, I am finding pictures from movies and videos related to the theme of myth, legend, and folklore. I don’t believe I will be very great at finding these specific examples that match the “narration” of the image, but I will try.

Moment: I chose a scene from 300 where the photographer who would’ve taken it had to be thinking there was something going to happen before it actually did. I think lighting and depth is used as well, but I’m sticking with moment for this image


Balance: For the rule of thirds, I chose Sebastian from the little mermaid dancing and sliding down King Neptune statue’s foot.

Foreground/Background: I chose the movie poster of “The Water Horse” That movie is about the legend of the lochness monster. This image shows a beautiful background with the loch in the front with the boy.

Selection: I chose the 9 headed dragon from “Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief” for my selection. I think that is a cool picture!

Contrast: I chose “Percy Jackson” again because of the lighting with him and the dragon spitting fire at him in the air while he’s in the air with his flying shoes.

Perspecctive: I chose a picture from “A Knights Tale” with the characters looking down at a camera.

Depth: I chose another scene from “A Knights Tale” with Heath Ledure jousting. He is close to the camera and it shows the crowd in the background.

Lighting: I chose a picture from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” when Harry was dueling Draco. The sun was right on Harry creating more drama in the scene.

What’s A Title Got To Do?

What makes a good blog post title? I think it depends on the person honestly because I might think a title is funny and witty, but the next person might not get the joke or reference I’m trying to make.

I personally enjoy song lyric titles when they fit with the story, but just random ones are funny too! I like when the titles are witty and personally creative. I have noticed when I comment on other people’s posts, I tend not to read the ones that have a plain title. The more grand and out there it is, the more often I’ll actually read it. Kind of like, “What the heck is this title supposed to mean? Well, I’m gonna read the post to find out!”

I think writing for the web is different because I’m able to be a bit less formal with my style. I’m used to writing scientifically, but this is like me writing or talking to a friend. I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t change the way I write 100% though, because I am still needed to be in detail about what I’m writing and why I’m writing about that certain topic, but it changes the direction I take in starting my sentences, or using slang, because most people who talk or are on the internet now a days know what the new slang is.

What A Week! Am I Right Ladies?!

This week has been good. The assignments weren’t too much to handle and the readings weren’t long which made me very happy! The video that we were assigned to watch definitely made me laugh out loud foreal! the way the guy explained the story timeline was so great! And I realized a lot of my favorite stories and movies are like the Cinderella timeline he showed at the end, and as an example of that, I chose “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” as my folklore story to analyze. I thought that would be a good story to analyze because it’s my favorite movie and it has great examples of the whole mythical creatures and wizards that folklore does.

For my character, I created a guy named Solenya. He is a wizard with a tragic back story, and has a mind that left him years ago. I’m really questioning all the mischief he’s gonna get himself into, but I think it will be a fun time writing about such a character!

The writing assignments I did this week all added up to 10 stars. I did two 3 stars and two 2 stars. The first 3 star one I did was Future Me?. I definitely thought that planning my life in the next ten years was going to be a bit easier, but boy was I wrong. The next 3 star assignment I did was a poem parody. I thought this was a fun one to do, and I had a lot of fun writing it cause I just talked about me stealing someones pizza, which I do often! The first 2 star assignment I did was my bucket list. I wrote this list because I really do want to do all of those things, but since i’m broke right now it wont happen soon, like the traveling and the skydiving. I would like to think that I’ll have at least those five things checked off in the next ten years. For the final two star assignment I completed was what I called Alphabet Soup. I thought this was very hard! It’s difficult trying to make a story work that has those rules of each new word has to start with the next letter in the alphabet. I had my friend help me, and he came up with some of it, and we laughed the whole time, especially on the words that started with the letters v,w,x,y,and z. ESPECIALLY X!!!

My daily creates this week are as follow:




Solenya, Full of Tragedy

My character is, Solenya, a wizard that is a 165 year old drug officiant. He has lived a long life, but still has the heart of a one hundred year old wizard in his prime. Solenya dabbles in brewing potions, he steals from the apothecary in order to replenish his own stash, but he is also good. He spends one day a week tutoring his nephew Tade. He is half crazy already, but there are moments of clarity long enough everyday for him to successfully walk away from certain death. He is about 5’4, but on a good day, 5’6 with shoulder length wavy, very soft, grey hair, and a beard half his height, because the longer, the greater the wisdom.

Solenya grew up in a tavern in the woods with his alcoholic mother who was a witch, a great witch in her prime. His father left in order to fight for the king when he was a baby, but never came home. He grew up with a talking horse that took him on daily adventures to get away from the tavern life. Solenya left the tavern when he found a lass two forests over, but in his beginning stages of potion making, he accidentally turned his lass into a cloud. After that tragedy, Solenya kinda lost it, and here we are. 

Harry Potter

I chose “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” for my story because it relates to the folklore theme with wizardry and dragons. There is some foreshadowing in this story such as when Harry had a dream about the graveyard, and when Moody acted weird at the beginning dinner scene drinking the poly juice potion in the corner.

Another storytelling technique was the whole story started in the depressing scale, and never really got happy, except in a few parts.

I liked the depth and complexity of the world design, like the spells, hogwarts, hogmead. I liked the way it seems so natural to have wizards and dragons in the real world. Everything pretty much worked in this story. All the questions raised from the beginning were answered in the end. The story developed character and setting, by having three other books before to develop the setting, but the characters were different in this specific story. There were characters from different schools that were brought to Hogwarts for the Tri Wizard Tournament immediately went to their “houses” such as Ravenclaw and slytherin.

Alphabet soup

I chose to do this assignment because I have no idea where this story could lead, but I’d like to find out!

As Berry crawled down escalators, fire gained him igniting Jesse’s knees. Laughing maniacally, nearby other people quietly ran straight towards unopened visible windows Xecuting yellow zombies.

I know I didn’t find an actual word for the letter X, but that crap’s hard!