Bucket List

The assignment I chose to do for two stars is to create a bucket list. I’ve made one years ago when I was in middle school, but I threw it away when I was about half a page into it. I think it’ll be fun to make another one, and maybe if I write it down, i’ll be more likely to actually do it!

  1. skydive: I’m afraid of heights, so I think this will be a terrifying way to hopefully get over that fear
  2. Travel the world: I just want to see different cultures, and experience everything first hand
  3. get a dog: I know I can easily do this one, but I want to be a little more financially stable and be able to have more time to devote to him or her
  4. Move out of Virginia: I believe this one will happen way sooner than I imagine because I’m applying to jobs all around the country and world
  5. Bungee jump: Just plain ol terrifying, but seems so awesome

That’s just a few things I really want to do and accomplish. There are so many more things, but that would take literally all day to type out.

Poem Parody

I chose to make a poem parody because I am not a big fan of poetry, so this would get me out of my comfort zone. I am parodying a poem called “This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams.


I have stolen

the pizza

that was in

the fridge


In which

you were definitely


for later


I’m not sorry

it was delicious

so cheesy

and so saucy

Future Me?

For this assignment I decided to write a letter describing what I believe my life will be like in 10 years from now. I chose this one because it would be neat to actually see what I thought my life would be like in 10 years when I don’t even know what i’m going to do with my life after graduation in December.

So, in ten years, i believe I will not be in Virginia. I think I will be in either Florida, Colorado, California, or Oregon. I would love to be in those specific places specifically because of how beautiful they are and all the environmental opportunities they offer as careers. I believe that I will be in my third  or fourth year with my environmental company, and loving it so much. Hopefully I will be hiking, and traveling in my spare time, so having a job that pays well will be a plus!

I don’t think I will have any kids because I plan on adopting when I am completely ready, and I do not see myself being ready anytime in the next 10 years. I think I will have a nice rental house that maybe me and a boyfriend are living in together. I think it will be full of art and at least two dogs cause they need to be friends with each other.

I will most likely still have short hair since that is how I love to live, and i’ll probably have a few more tattoos. Hopefully I’ve been to another country in the next 10 years, but not living there, I don’t actually know exactly what I want. I plan to just live my life day by day till the day I die.

After writing this I can definitely tell I don’t have my crap together and that this assignment was harder than I thought it was going to be cause who really knows what they want to do in 10 years.

My Week In a Nutshell

So, this week was a lot. I wasn’t expecting so much work, but if you do space it out through the week, it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as when you first read the weekly assignments post.

The daily creates are kind of fun for me. The only thing about them is that you have to figure out how to actually upload some of the other types of media actually into a twitter post! The audio one for the knocking post kicked my butt for a bit. Then I realized that I couldn’t upload an audio onto a tweet from my phone, so I had to save the audio I made at work until I was home later that night to post it through my laptop. Here are my daily creates for this week!


I did the three assignments all at once actually. I’ve been crazy busy all week, so I knocked them all out in an afternoon. One of the assignments I did was I told the story of me being “attacked but not really” by a GIANT spider, but I told it in the spider’s point of view. It is a TRUE story that happened to me last week! Another assignment I did was I designed an outfit for Solara or Mila Kunis in the post-apocalyptic world from the movie “The Book of Eli”. What I did for that was I went to google and searched up different specific articles of clothing and posted them each as a media to my blog post. The last assignment I did was I made a five framed story of me being hangry. All I did with that is looked through my phone searching if I had literally ANYTHING that could become a story, and I notices I had a few pictures of me eating smores and a picture of me looking grumpy. I thought EUREKA! I have a story telling about my real life hangryness!

I have been commenting on other ds member’s posts every once in a while, and I also reacted to one of them in my own blog! I thought the post, “A World Through Nature’s Eyes” was great, so I definitely needed to write a little something about it!

I had a confusing time finding my group, but after a dumb moment after emailing the professor, I realized that I actually was in my Slack group already and I’ve seen everything he was talking about in the messages! DUH! I created a mashup assignment as well! I think it will be really fun. It’ll be people taking videos of themselves and their lives and mashing those videos together and putting a movie trailer audio over that. It has nothing to do with the theme, but it seems fun!

What Is This Giant DOING?!?!?!

Spiders. Spiders people, I’m afraid of spiders. I don’t know where this irrational came from, but this assignment is going to make me tell the story as if it was the victim! I do try and get my fear under control by looking at cute spider memes, but that literally never works. It’s cute for a second and then when I actually think of a spider being near me I just freak out all over again.

….Still didn’t work. Whatever, here’s the story.

OH I’m home alone! This is always my favorite part of the day when the person finally leaves. Where she goes for so long? I don’t know, but I also don’t really care. *spider walking through apartment all day long and chillin on every surface he feels like climbing on* Well it’s getting late, but I’m not really ready to go back to my house under the sink yet. I know! I kind of want a spa day! I’m going to lay in the usually damp area next to the big white thing that dumps out water onto the person every night! Oh yeah, that’s a great idea!

*Spider falls asleep in spa place*

*Light turns on in bathroom* Oh look my person is home! Oh well, I usually go back home now, but we’ve been living together for a while now, so it’s just as much my space as it is hers.

*Person walks into bathroom and starts getting ready for her shower after a long day at school and work* Oh wow she really must be in her own world because she hasn’t even introduced herself to me.

*Human sees spider and screams* AHH why is she being so loud and crazy?! I’ve never seen her this way!  Oh my gosh! Shes coming close to me, maybe she’s going to introduce herself and shake my hands or something?

WHAT! Why is she grabbing the tall thing that holds a roll of soft paper? WHY?! She’s trying to hit me with it! How rude and crazy she is! I’m going to go back home.

Yo, she trapped me behind her big towel and I’m kind of scared now. She’s just standing there staring at me shaking…she’s been like this for at least thirty minutes now. I’m going to just try to move one arm and see if she notices. *Moves one arm a slight bit*

OUCH she just hit me with the big metal thing again! AHHhhh……….


I kind of felt bad for the spider when I wrote this, but then I kept remembering it was as a wolf spider as big as my palm! HECK NO!

Post-Apocalyptic Design

I decided to create an outfit for the main character Solara, or Mila Kunis. I decided to make an outfit for her post-apocalyptic movie, The Book Of Eli for this assignment because this used to be my favorite movie, and she’s such a bad ass in it! She is literally who I would want to be if I was in her situation at any point in the future. She is also very stylish, so the post-apocalyptic fashion looks great on her.

So I gave Solara a modern type of rugged look for her everyday, walking miles and miles running from the gangs. The shirt is a nice loose v-neck, and the pants are a cargo pant. I gave her cargo pants because, people need to carry things! Normal women jeans or really any type of pant has zero to minimum pockets, and if you’re running around in  a post-apocalyptic world, you need storage that is easy to get to. I gave her a nice rugged jacket and a scarf to keep warm, and the scarf will keep things out of her nose and mouth if necessary. The sunglasses are for normal UV protection, and the blue locket is for her to remember her mom by.


This is my first assignment that is going to be my Five Frame Story. I thought of this as my story because it describes me so well and how much I love to eat…especially sweets. It came to my head just looking through the pictures on my phone, and I thought WOW I do actually have a story in here!

Honestly, this is literally how I am. I get hangry, then I’m offered food or I get some myself, I’m ecstatic that I actually have said food, I eat it, and then I’m on the top of the world!


I thought A World Through Nature’s Eyes  was such a beautiful assignment post. My ultimate favorite pictures of nature that I have ever taken were clouds when I am on the top of mountains, or when I’m at the beach. I love the fact that they are ever changing and they never stay still for too long.

My favorite type of clouds are the ones that fill the blue sky with hundreds of cotton balls in every direction you look. That is my favorite scene of any day, and I look forward to seeing the daily beauties unfold in front of me.

I found a great quote really emphasizing the reason they are so enjoyable and special to everyday.

“A cloud is like a wayfarer—a traveler just passing through. A cloud doesn’t stay, but it can do a lot to make the sky look beautiful when it’s there. A cloud is soft, not hard. Indeed, it is so soft, you can’t grab hold of it at all.

But a cloud is also unstoppable. A cloud can get through any obstacle with no difficulty at all.

A cloud can take any shape. It can be whatever form it needs to be.

A cloud doesn’t get pulled this way and that by the circumstances of the world. It just goes on. A cloud is free. A cloud doesn’t want or need anything. And it doesn’t waste time comparing itself to other clouds.” Written by Daniel Scharpenburg


I know this picture is the Cover to my blog, but the sky was so beautiful that day on the top of the Pennsylvanian mountains, and I couldn’t help but take a picture and try to capture the raw beauty of what I was seeing.

Weekly Summary

This week wasn’t so hard. The biggest problem I had was trying to upload the media to the introduction blog post. The Instagram post gave me the hardest time, but with an email to the professor, I realized that your Instagram has to be set on public for the link to work right (duh).  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to make a soundcloud audio recording at first either. I kept trying to do it on my phone, but the “upload” button was never showing up, but again a laptop was needed and my brain to be turned on was also needed. First reading through the first weeks assignments three days late I was a bit freaked out at how much work it seemed, but most of it was making social media accounts that I already had, so half my steps were already done. That definitely helped me on my timing.

I felt like I knew exactly what folklore, urban legend, and myths were before I looked them up, but as it turns out there is so much more to them. I brushed up on them all and have a general understanding, but I know it’ll get better throughout the semester.

A Magical Theme

Honestly, I believe this is a great theme to assign this class because I think everyone can relate at least a small part of their lives or even their childhoods on it. Everyone knows the stories of Cinderella or even the wicked witch of the west. Individually, each person can go far and in many different ways depending on their interests, and as a group there can be really thoughtful discussions as well because of how well known and easily accessible most info on this theme as a whole is. I’ve always been interested in Harry Potter since I read the books in fifth grade, and The Lord of the Rings since middle school. I could talk about wizards and action all day from either of those movies, so I personally am excited about this theme not just to be able to look more into the things I know so much about, but to learn new versions of childhood stories I grew up hearing, and even learning so much more from my classmates.