For this assignment which is 2 stars, I created an amber alert poster for A1 Dr. Oblivion on adobe photoshop. Everybody needs to help search for him! He is such an asset to the DS106 crew, and it’s been a rough few weeks without him taking care of us!

National Taco Day

For this assignment that was 3 stars, I created a poster advertising national taco day at Carlos O’Kellys, which doesn’t actually do anything for taco day, so I was a little upset, so I made it happen. I used adobe photoshop to create it and used two text boxes.

Postcard of Limbo

For this assignment that is 3 stars, I created a postcard from adobe photoshop of the Limbo area Solenya went to. Solenya is sending it to Tade as a maybe next adventure. Tade loves to do what his uncle does, so there is no doubt that he’ll explore!


Solenya’s Design Cloud

For this assignment, I created a word cloud from wordclouds.com which is a free generator site. This assignment is 2 stars. I tried making a few of them, and couldn’t figure out how to keep adding words to an already made word cloud, so when I started over for the third time, I didn’t try very hard because like 50 of my words I’ve already typed twice disappeared. The symbol I made was a castle because Solenya is a wizard, and I think a castle is a good indicator for a wizard.

Solenya in Limbo

In this assignment which is 2 stars, I made Solenya travel to a crazy limbo state world because he was high off his supply, and wanted to travel to a place he’s never seen before. He’s definitely lost and might not be able to find his way back home for a few days, but at this moment he really doesn’t care. He’s just enjoying his life in the moment. But he does know that he’s supposed to be tutoring Tade in 3 days, so he does have to make his way back soon.

Post-Apocalyptic Design

I decided to create an outfit for the main character Solara, or Mila Kunis. I decided to make an outfit for her post-apocalyptic movie, The Book Of Eli for this assignment because this used to be my favorite movie, and she’s such a bad ass in it! She is literally who I would want to be if I was in her situation at any point in the future. She is also very stylish, so the post-apocalyptic fashion looks great on her.

So I gave Solara a modern type of rugged look for her everyday, walking miles and miles running from the gangs. The shirt is a nice loose v-neck, and the pants are a cargo pant. I gave her cargo pants because, people need to carry things! Normal women jeans or really any type of pant has zero to minimum pockets, and if you’re running around in  a post-apocalyptic world, you need storage that is easy to get to. I gave her a nice rugged jacket and a scarf to keep warm, and the scarf will keep things out of her nose and mouth if necessary. The sunglasses are for normal UV protection, and the blue locket is for her to remember her mom by.