This weeks mashups were ok, I didn’t like the remixes, but everything else was easy. I did three 4 stared assignments making 12 stars all together. The first assignment I did was the superhuman assignment. I took a picture of the Monroe building and I photoshopped superman flying above it. The second assignment I did was the Get some music video mash up which turned out really good and is definitely my favorite thing i’ve done in this class so far. The last assignment I did was of a person looking confused at an easy math problem. I don’t know why I did it, it just popped into my mind.

The tutorial I created was of how to do the person being confused, but of however the next person would want to make it. The first remix I made was an FU remix, I didn’t really like this one, but whatever. It was supposed to be for a parental advisory. The last remix I did was the MJ Zomboy remix. I really didn’t like this one, but I figured something out that didn’t sound like complete trash.

For my two daily creates this week:


This Week

Wow I finished before Friday at 11pm for the first time in I don’t even know! This week was alright once again. I really don’t like editing video clips, so that’s what I know about myself now. I stuttered in the audio over the Harry Potter video essay a bit, but I wasn’t going to edit that out cause I don’t care and it shows that I’m human and I’m not perfect. I did the 12 stars of assignments this week cause we were all too busy to do another group project. My first assignment was me creating a tutorial on how to open a door, the next video was the questions my friends asked me and I answered them, and the last assignment video I made was the responses to the apocalypse questions.

The daily creates I did this week are as follows:


My week was just full of working

So this week wasn’t too bad because we didn’t have to do any assignments! HOLLA!! The radio show was fun to make, the bumper and the commercial! I used logic for everything again, and for my radio segment I used freesounds.com and used a song called B-Beat018 which I used as my starter. The daily creates I made are as follows,

My group was amazing, and I really appreciate the patience they had with me giving them my segment a few hours before they needed it.

Weekly stuff I done did

This week I did 11 and 1/2 stars of audio assignments because my first assignment was 4 stars, my radio bumper, my second post was 3 and 1/2 stars, of my commercial, and my third post only needed to be half a star, but there were no half stars. Going over wasn’t hard though. The McDonalds assignment for 2 stars was fun especially!

My poster I created for Super Storytellers, I thought was pretty cool. I think it looked sleek and unique and it also pertains to the theme perfectly with a dragon chillin on a book.

I also wrote a blog post on the progress of my group’s radio show. I just finished all my assignments needed for this week, so I’m all caught up with everyone!

OHH and also, do you guys remember those sounds I created for freesound.org, they were all accepted!

The daily creates I did are as follows:


Is this getting harder??

For this week, I definitely procrastinated fooor suuure. I did all my assignments all at once on THURSDAY which is so stupid because I didn’t know how to do literally anything audio wise. The daily creates are always the easiest for me because that’s on my phone and it takes only a few minutes. I don’t need to download anything or think too hard. So I do definitely enjoy doing them more than the rest.

The daily creates I did this week is as follows!

I watched the videos, and listened to the SoundCloud audio and made a blog post about that. The assignments were definitely a doozy. The first one I made was the ice cream truck story. I made that one cause I love ice cream, and as a kid, I ran as fast as I could to get to that truck before it left. The second assignment I made was about JFK. I found a speech from freesound.org and just kept clipping until something was weird enough to make sense. The next assignment was the tongue twister. I really enjoyed that one. I didn’t know and haven’t even heard of this one, so that was cool to learn something random like that. The last assignment I did was I created new sounds for freesound.org. That was really easy and cool. I hope I get to use my own stuff soon too!

The radio show ideas were kinda random, but I think they’re ok? The live tweet was fun! I enjoyed listening to The War of the Worlds!

I did download audacity, but I absolutely hated it, so I used Logic for all my assignments I needed to edit any audio. I don’t know why I didn’t like it so much, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. The people at the IT desk in the HCC told me about Logic, so when I started it only took me a few minutes to figure out what the heck I was doing. A few minutes is WAY better than a few hours to me!

The radio bumper I created wasn’t anything specific for the show, I just introduced it and told the listeners to have a good time.

What A Week! Am I Right Ladies?!

This week has been good. The assignments weren’t too much to handle and the readings weren’t long which made me very happy! The video that we were assigned to watch definitely made me laugh out loud foreal! the way the guy explained the story timeline was so great! And I realized a lot of my favorite stories and movies are like the Cinderella timeline he showed at the end, and as an example of that, I chose “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” as my folklore story to analyze. I thought that would be a good story to analyze because it’s my favorite movie and it has great examples of the whole mythical creatures and wizards that folklore does.

For my character, I created a guy named Solenya. He is a wizard with a tragic back story, and has a mind that left him years ago. I’m really questioning all the mischief he’s gonna get himself into, but I think it will be a fun time writing about such a character!

The writing assignments I did this week all added up to 10 stars. I did two 3 stars and two 2 stars. The first 3 star one I did was Future Me?. I definitely thought that planning my life in the next ten years was going to be a bit easier, but boy was I wrong. The next 3 star assignment I did was a poem parody. I thought this was a fun one to do, and I had a lot of fun writing it cause I just talked about me stealing someones pizza, which I do often! The first 2 star assignment I did was my bucket list. I wrote this list because I really do want to do all of those things, but since i’m broke right now it wont happen soon, like the traveling and the skydiving. I would like to think that I’ll have at least those five things checked off in the next ten years. For the final two star assignment I completed was what I called Alphabet Soup. I thought this was very hard! It’s difficult trying to make a story work that has those rules of each new word has to start with the next letter in the alphabet. I had my friend help me, and he came up with some of it, and we laughed the whole time, especially on the words that started with the letters v,w,x,y,and z. ESPECIALLY X!!!

My daily creates this week are as follow:




My Week In a Nutshell

So, this week was a lot. I wasn’t expecting so much work, but if you do space it out through the week, it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as when you first read the weekly assignments post.

The daily creates are kind of fun for me. The only thing about them is that you have to figure out how to actually upload some of the other types of media actually into a twitter post! The audio one for the knocking post kicked my butt for a bit. Then I realized that I couldn’t upload an audio onto a tweet from my phone, so I had to save the audio I made at work until I was home later that night to post it through my laptop. Here are my daily creates for this week!


I did the three assignments all at once actually. I’ve been crazy busy all week, so I knocked them all out in an afternoon. One of the assignments I did was I told the story of me being “attacked but not really” by a GIANT spider, but I told it in the spider’s point of view. It is a TRUE story that happened to me last week! Another assignment I did was I designed an outfit for Solara or Mila Kunis in the post-apocalyptic world from the movie “The Book of Eli”. What I did for that was I went to google and searched up different specific articles of clothing and posted them each as a media to my blog post. The last assignment I did was I made a five framed story of me being hangry. All I did with that is looked through my phone searching if I had literally ANYTHING that could become a story, and I notices I had a few pictures of me eating smores and a picture of me looking grumpy. I thought EUREKA! I have a story telling about my real life hangryness!

I have been commenting on other ds member’s posts every once in a while, and I also reacted to one of them in my own blog! I thought the post, “A World Through Nature’s Eyes” was great, so I definitely needed to write a little something about it!

I had a confusing time finding my group, but after a dumb moment after emailing the professor, I realized that I actually was in my Slack group already and I’ve seen everything he was talking about in the messages! DUH! I created a mashup assignment as well! I think it will be really fun. It’ll be people taking videos of themselves and their lives and mashing those videos together and putting a movie trailer audio over that. It has nothing to do with the theme, but it seems fun!