Cooking Show!

So for this assignment 3 1/2 stars, I thought to create a cooking show, and feature Solenya’s favorite dish…..mashed potatoes!!!! I thought of this because My boyfriend Eric and I were going to make dinner, and I thought “What would Solenya want to eat tonight?” and then BAM! Mashed potatoes! Who doesn’t like mashed potatoes?! Solenya sure does!

I used my IPhone to take the video in my friend’s kitchen that we were hanging out in, and then I edited it on IMovie. To download the videos, I uploaded the videos to google drive then I downloaded them onto the apple computer in the HCC.

The title I put in as right on the start of us talking because I don’t like the random black screen saying what it is and then going to the video, so I made it how I liked. The ending credits are the scrolling credits I saw on IMovie. I didn’t add any audio to the video because its all us talking and I didn’t want to take away from our words. I did add an audio to the credits though. I downloaded the song “Watching Cartoons Up In My Room” off of

I then uploaded it to youtube:


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