Final Project Idea

So, for my final project, I think I’m going to do a mix of video, audio, and pictures. I am going to make my character Solenya, the main character of the whole thing.

The video is going to start off with Solenya making a potion, kind of freaking out and getting very frustrated. It will take him some time, weeks, months,  a year passes before he perfects what he was trying to make.

The background of the potion Solenya is trying to make is that his nephew, Tade got lost in another dimension. He was studying potions in Solenya’s potion room while Solenya was reading up on the next form of hallucinogenics in the other room. Tade is always a good kid and doesn’t get into trouble often, so Solenya wasn’t worried about anything, but he still is a young 9 year old. The next thing Solenya knows there is a loud crash in the potion room and a giant swoosh of air that goes throughout the house. He jumps up and runs into the potion room and Tade was gone. He looked everywhere throughout the house, but Tade was nowhere to be found.

Solenya traveled to every dimension and planet he knew because he thought Tade might be somewhere that’s familiar to him, but he never found him. They had a funeral for him 6 months later even though they never found his body. And ever since then Solenya has been working on a worm hole and a potion to take right before stepping into it to take him for sure back in time to the day Tade disappeared.

Finally, a year later, Solenya perfects the potion, he hopes. He then chugs it, steps into the wormhole and darkness, and only darkness is seen for a minute. Then different universes pass by and different pictures of different things. A universe picture first, then a memory of tade, universe, Tade, universe, tade. While the pictures are rolling, an audio of Solenya plays telling how much he misses Tade, and if this doesn’t work then he will find a way to get him back or to find him no matter what. More pictures of universe, Tade, and a final universe picture, and when the final universe picture comes on Solenya screams Tade’s name in the unknown and is cut off before he can finish the name.

All is black for a moment and then it cuts to a close up of Solenyas face eyes closed and not breathing, and after a minute he opens his eyes, looks around, says Tade’s name kind of quietly, a little louder again, he gets upset when Tade doesn’t answer, but then he yells as loud as possible Tade’s name and in the background Tade calls out “Yeah Soly?!” and pure happiness is shown on Solenya’s face.

I will take all the videos and audios on my phone, download them onto google drive, so I can download them onto the HCC computers in the media lab. I’ll probably use IMovie since I know how to use that one the best. I’ll have background music using while showing the video of Solenya working and going to a funeral, and such. Ill find the pictures on google of the universe, and I’ll probably use my little brother for the pictures of Tade. I think my boyfriend is going to play the part of Solenya as well.

This may change a bit while I’m creating it because of props and character availability, but I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. It might be cool if you could take advantage of the green screen in the HCC video studio. It’s a simple thing in iMovie to substitute scenes and images over a green background. Also, in looking at how story is sketched out here, it might work well in a diary format. Perhaps you could set up a subdomain and make a Solenya blog, and embed video, audio and images as he documents the events and activities. That would make it easy to connect all the elements, and give you a lot of flexibility in how you pull it together.

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