Solenya’s Mystical Bag

I chose to do what’s in your bag¬†assignment. Solenya is definitely a character, and you’ll really find out what type of person he is from this collage of what’s in his bag. I used google docs to create my collage and then I used the snipping tool to take a screen shot of what I created in order so save it.

I liked the bag, and it seemed very hippie, a bit bummy, and free looking. The bag has no bottom, so when he needs to hide something big or another person they just hop in and disappear. Solenya always carries it around, and in it he always has these main items. He has mushrooms because he likes his psychedelics. He has adderall because there is never enough time in a day to do everything he wants to do, so when he needs it, he pops one of them in order to stay awake for his adventures. Tarot cards are always on hand as something he likes to do as a hobby of new people he meets. His wand of course, and a “Teaching Skills for Dummies” because he mentors his nephew Tade.

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