Superhero radio show

So, I listened to my own group’s show and the show right after it that came on at about 9pm on Tuesday night. So far, its really good! I really wanted that superhero juice! I do really enjoy superheros so it was a good show to listen to for me. I enjoyed the batman talks, and the commenting of his upbringing and how he started to get so popular. Also The dark night is my favorite batman movie too mostly because of the joker though. Most/all the batman movies are really worth watching because of the joker. SPECIFICALLY Heath Ledger! If you don’t love him then get out!

I also really liked the steak spray add hahaha! I’ll definitely get the double pack if a zombie apocalypse happens!

There was part of the show where the music was way louder than the speaker, so that is a little critique, but that’s just a small fix. And there was another commercial it seemed like that the background sound was louder than the actual speaker.

I liked the ending of the segment of this one specifically too with the robot woman’s voice and then the static.

Overall great job everyone!

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