This week was alright. Still super busy with all my other classes, so making time for all this work is hard. I created 12 stars worth of video assignments, and they weren’t really too hard. It took me the longest to figure out IMovie and to download my videos from my IPhone to google drive. The first assignment I did was a cooking show. It was really fun to do because I really didn’t have to do any of the work, I just made my boyfriend do it! hahaha The second assignment I created was the story with no dialogue, and that just came to me when I woke up cause I hate getting out of bed. The last assignment I created was a 30 second documentary of my character Solenya’s antics. All of these videos I took with my phone and edited them on IMovie. I uploaded them all to youtube for the whole world to see too! I think my favorite video is the cooking show cause that’s just funny.

These are my daily creates:


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