Weekly Summary

This week wasn’t so hard. The biggest problem I had was trying to upload the media to the introduction blog post. The Instagram post gave me the hardest time, but with an email to the professor, I realized that your Instagram has to be set on public for the link to work right (duh).  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to make a soundcloud audio recording at first either. I kept trying to do it on my phone, but the “upload” button was never showing up, but again a laptop was needed and my brain to be turned on was also needed. First reading through the first weeks assignments three days late I was a bit freaked out at how much work it seemed, but most of it was making social media accounts that I already had, so half my steps were already done. That definitely helped me on my timing.

I felt like I knew exactly what folklore, urban legend, and myths were before I looked them up, but as it turns out there is so much more to them. I brushed up on them all and have a general understanding, but I know it’ll get better throughout the semester.

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