What’s A Title Got To Do?

What makes a good blog post title? I think it depends on the person honestly because I might think a title is funny and witty, but the next person might not get the joke or reference I’m trying to make.

I personally enjoy song lyric titles when they fit with the story, but just random ones are funny too! I like when the titles are witty and personally creative. I have noticed when I comment on other people’s posts, I tend not to read the ones that have a plain title. The more grand and out there it is, the more often I’ll actually read it. Kind of like, “What the heck is this title supposed to mean? Well, I’m gonna read the post to find out!”

I think writing for the web is different because I’m able to be a bit less formal with my style. I’m used to writing scientifically, but this is like me writing or talking to a friend. I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t change the way I write 100% though, because I am still needed to be in detail about what I’m writing and why I’m writing about that certain topic, but it changes the direction I take in starting my sentences, or using slang, because most people who talk or are on the internet now a days know what the new slang is.

2 Replies to “What’s A Title Got To Do?”

  1. I agree! When it’s a boring title I’m not likely to click on it-especially in a discussion board for a class. If your title is boring, I assume your post is probably equally as boring! That might not be quite fair, but it’s what I usually find myself assuming!

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